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Flypacifico is a Nigeria Indigenous agency with a global outlook following best global business practices. The agency is a trusted travel brand over the past few years of its establishment, offering advice and guidance to the traveling public, as well as supporting high service standards in all its operations.

How we do business is characterized by our principle of Shared value, which utmost focus is on providing affordable quality services to customers and clients with a responsive market strategy that accrues a sustainable return on investment for the agency.

Through the wholesale and retail process offered by our various services, we make it a point of duty to ensure a satisfactory delivery of services to customers and clients.

Our customers focus, innovation and operational excellence has not only tapped the existing market potential, but has also created new markets through innovative packages. The agency’s vast array of holidays and tour services is taking tour and holidaying to an entirely new level. 

Since inception, the agency has continuously invested in cost leadership and efficiency of its human capital, which strive in making right packages and services available at the right time and price in the most advanced manner.

Elements of our core philosophy includes; Customer/Client Focus, Administrative/Operational Integrity, and Quality service, Operational Fairness, Honest and Result Focus. Through investments in technology and pursuit of a strong online presence, the agency seeks to have Flypacifico across the world serving customers and client through channels made available.



Our Philosophy, Vision and Mission are essentials of our foundation and long term growth plan. In our pursuit for self-reliance, we have activated plans on the purchase of our crafts. The progress of this projects will soon become well known in few years to come.


Flypacifico travel service segments includes leisure travel, Business Travel and Incentives travel. We go beyond the travel realm when planning for our valued customers. With a thorough understanding of clients objectives, we personalize our recommendations accordingly. We have always believe in providing the best value in the market with innovative packages and focus on customers and operational excellence. Offering unique experiences and best in class services for our customers/clients has enhanced travelers’ experience within our customers base.

Exploring the world is the dream of every other person we know, so spend your holidays abroad and fufilL them. Be it a first-time international holiday on your honeymoon holiday or your vacation, we will give perfect deals and best places. Our international tour packages will allow you to either follow the trend or give you out of the box experiences. It will give dose of travel you seek to make you forget all the stress and worries of life.

At Flypacifico, we offer services to students who wish to study internationally, irrespective of their study destination. Studying abroad could be a daunting task. The very first step in studying abroad is finding the right school. There are Hundreds of Thousands of schools all over the world, each one of them coming with its own pros and cons. Finding the one school for each candidate is an horrific task which has single handedly dissuaded many from studying abroad. In addition to this, the process of applying for a student’s visa which vary from country to country and the visa requirements is another big discouraging factor.

This is where we come in at flypacifico to be your knight in shining armor. We are here to do all the hard work on your behalf so that you can fulfil your dream of studying abroad and within the limits of your purse or budget. You will also be taking advantage of our growing affiliation with several institutions abroad in processing your admission and getting a priority process, all to ensure that the process is as fast and as less stressful as possible for you. Basically all you need to do is fill the form below and let us do all the hard work.

Planning for an international trip? Now easily and conveniently apply with Flypacifico for a visa with right and hassle-free visa application process. No matter what international destination you want to travel to, Flypacifico is here to help you with the whole process. We are there with you from the first step of getting the required documents for a visa to helping you get ready for a visa interview. Flypacifico visa advisory includes Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Transit Visa, Work permit Visa and Permanent Residence.

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